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Pablo Hidalgo  I  Director 

Architect U.Chile. MSc. Sustainable Design, University of Sydney. DGNB Consultant


In Australia, he worked for The Cox Group developing sustainable projects in tropical countries (Malaysia, India, Vietnam and Singapore) and developed the ESD (Ecollogically Sustainable Development) Manual.

In Chile, he worked for the largest architectural firms in the country, developed Technical Basis of Energy Efficiency for the Government, was a professor at the University of Chile and was collaborator of CA Magazine (Institute of Architects).

In Brazil, he was the First Certified Instructor of Autodesk Energy Simulation Software, giving courses and lectures on the subject to universities such as Mackenzie, Unicid and other private institutions. He was the chairman of the Energy and Atmosphere Committee for the GBC Brazil CASA / Condominios Reference Guide and collaborator of the Zero Energy Brazilian Certification. For Existing Buildings (Operation and Maintenance) he implemented Energy Efficiency Programs to improve operational performance and Energy Management Systems in the Facilities Management area for international Corporations.

For Environmental Certifications, he has collaborated in several projects such as: Arena Grêmio, Arena das Dunas, Arena Salvador, Corinthians Arena, Itú City Hall, Ecocommercial Building Bayer, B. Park. Fullwood, GLP Gravataí, Unilever Aguaí, BSPar Fortaleza, Anchieta College, Paço das Águas in Fortaleza, MSvia CCR, Studio Sol BH, Terramundi, Syene Corporate Evolution, Ecomundo, among others.

Provide high-performance engineering and architectural solutions for the development of intelligent real estate investments.

Be a leading company in the energy and construction market, promoting sustainable development with the highest standards of technical quality.

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